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Who we are


We are a family business, creating slide shows to document special events, family histories and memoirs for the past twelve years. In 2015 we expanded to offer photo organization services, and in 2016 we began creating family history books.


Lorraine Sipos:   Lorraine has a college degree in Broadcast Journalism, and has worked in radio, cable television, and audio-visual training production. She is a communications professional with over 35 years of experience working for financial services, nonprofit and educational organizations. She has also conducted hundreds of interviews as a print journalist and freelance writer.


Heather Sipos Faust:  Heather has a degree in Psychology with certification in Elementary Education. She has worked as a teacher and child care professional for over ten years.  She helped to produce training videos for the PANS Institute of New York, promotional slideshows and advertisements for Limelight Cosmetics, and was an editorial contributor for a PBS video series website. She is experienced in graphic design, photo editing and professional slide show production.


John Sipos:  John is a semi-professional photographer with a background in IT and electronic data management. He worked for a major government contractor, where he earned the Six Sigma Certification and created and edited slide presentations. 


Feedback from our customers


Photo organization:


“Heather you are a true artist and I love what you have done with the pics. It has brought back a flood of memories and how much I miss my mom who I lost in 1999.” - Rosie F.


Family history slideshows:


“We all watched the Family Movie today as we were gathered together for Thanksgiving and it was so enjoyed by all of us.  The kids were delighted that they also get a copy. What a beautiful gift for us that will be appreciated more and more as the years go by. We all had some laughs and were commenting on how you were able to capture our family life so well after only knowing us all for such a short time. I can only imagine the hours that went into placing all those photos in just the right spot and adding the perfect music.”  - Marcia W.


“I came home today and could not wait to get to my computer. It was beautiful and I had to watch it twice as I could not stop crying. I love the work that you did – your effects and selection of music was very artistic and you are truly gifted. The cost is well worth it and honestly I wish that I could pay you more.” - R.F.


Memoir and Slideshows:


“The DVD is wonderful!!!!  I was going to wait until my Aunt Sissie came up on Thursday so that we all could watch it together but I didn't. I just sat here at work and watched it and you did an excellent job on it. Aunt Mamie is going to love it!!!  I am pretty sure that we will be ordering additional DVD's for family and friends.”

(Two years later): “Thank you so much for the DVD. We are going to use the written interview that you gave me as her obituary. My Aunt Florence and I thought that it would be great to have her life told by her, through you.”  - Tamela L.


“This is just absolutely beautiful. I really can't even tell you how much this is going to mean to my Aunt, you have no idea. It's just perfect. I will definitely recommend you and keep you in mind for the future!!!  (Four months later):“Thanks so much!!!  BTW, my Aunt watches it every day - she loves it!!! - Megan C.


Special Event Slideshows:


“Heather is amazing to work with!! She was more than helpful, patient and very responsive. She's making my wedding slideshow and it's going to be the perfect touch to my wedding day. She sent over a preview and I cried in my kitchen of how sweet it was (and I'm not a crier...well not too much). I can't wait for the finished product!! Thank you!!! =)”


“I should have known better than to watch this at work! This is PERFECT! I love the choices you made for the background and changing the pictures to match the song! I can't wait to show Guru! Excellent work! We love it Heather!!!!  You absolutely exceeded our expectations!”


“We love it! You made us cry! You are so great with the transitions and backgrounds, which I'm sure isn't easy to choose! Your timing is amazing (really my husband was like “How did she know that was a good timing for that picture?). Thank you for being so easy to work with!” -  Babette


“I love it so much!  You did such an amazing job on it. Thank you.” - April

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